Letslabel Important Message-20181107

Dear customers:

It’s come to our attention that our users were provided recharge or label provide service by unscrupulous people as the staff of the Letslabel team. This behavior has been verified as fraudulent and seriously violates the Letslabel User Service Usage Guidelines.

In order to protect Letslabel users’ benefit, the Letslabel team hereby solemnly declares that all recharge need to be complete by your own financial accounts through our official website ( Letslabel has not provided authorization or cooperate with any other third parties to provide recharge services through other methods. Please do not trust others to avoid unnecessary losses.

Please note that any illegal activities and any violations (including but not limited to the false declaration, malicious arrears, etc.) will be handled by our risk management department. Letslabel may also retain further penalties where permitted by law.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at

Thanks again for choosing Letslabel. We hope you would enjoy Letslabel service at any time!


Letslabel Team