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LetsLabel Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LetsLabel?

LetsLabel is the official authorized partner of USPS and FedEx.We are dedicated to provide the best shipping label printing service to all our users. No subscription fees. We offer the best discount rate in the industry, and the easiest way to handle your packages.

2. How the shipping rate could be this low?

We have been cooperated with USPS and FedEx many years. The volume we shipped is huge so we can get a very great discount from them!

3. Is the domestic shipping available? 

Of course, the shipping rate offered by LetsLabel is way lower than the rate you can get from other suppliers. 

4. Do I need to purchase any professional equipment? 

You only need internet access, PC, printer, and LetsLabel.com.

5. What kind of service LetsLabel offer?

You can use LetsLabel to print international and domestic USPS and FedEx shipping label, as well as the special IES service to China.

6. Is the shipping rate of LetsLabel higher than the local post office or FedEx shipping center?

Absolutely not. LetsLabel will help you to save, save a lot.

7. Can I share my account to others?

No problem, LetsLabel has no restriction on how many users can login at one time. Or you can register many accounts as well.

8. Can I use LetsLabel.com on MacOS system?

Yes, as long as you can visit https://www.LetsLabel.com, you can use it.

9. I have multiple locations to ship packages, is that ok?

Sure! As long as the location is in the United States, you can get the discount label service from LetsLabel.com

10. Can I check my spending history on LetsLabel.com?

LetsLabel.com provide you the cost details of each package and each cents you spent on the website.

11. Is LetsLabel.com officially authorized?

All your packages are handled by USPS and FedEx. So it's 100% legit.

12. Is pick up service available?

You can schedule the pick up service either on LetsLabel.com or by phone. FedEx usually charge 3-4 dollars while USPS is free.

13. What if my label is lost or damaged? Can I reprint the label?

No worries, the label is always in you account. You can check or reprint it any time.

14. Can I hide the shipping cost?

All the Labels from LetsLabel.com will not show shipping cost.

15. Can I check the history of each package?

Simply click ship history and you will see everything you have.

16. What if my package weight is higher than my label weight?

If you are using USPS services, the package might be returned or you might be asked to pay the difference at the counter.

If you are using FedEx services, we will adjust the fees in your LetsLabel account.

If you are using IES servies, we will adjust the fees in your LetsLabel account.

17. Why LetsLabel.com has very low rate on international shipment?

The service from LetsLabel.com makes the international shipment a lot easier. In current shipping model, we have all the information clearly recorded in the system including shipper and receivers' address, product information, and package information. This process will not only save time and money for USPS and FedEx, but also make your packages arrive faster.

18. How to use LetsLabel.com?

Step 1: Registration, you will receive an activation email after the process.

Step 2: Our system will review your registration automatically. You can contact our customer service if you have any question.

Step 3: After registration completed, you will have the access to LetsLabel.com 

19. How to track my package?

Login your account, then click ship history. You will be able to see all your packages. Click the one you want to track.

You can also copy the tracking number to search on FedEx.com or USPS.com

20. What kind of fees does LetsLabel.com charge?

Except the regular shipping and insurance charge, there might be some other fees. Include but not limited to oversize charge, remote area charge, customs duties and taxes, etc.

For the FedEx and IES services, we will adjust the fees in your account.

21, Can I schedule a pick up?

Sure you can.

For FedEx, you can schedule on LetsLabel, it usually cost 3 to 4 dollars.

For USPS, you will need to schedule on usps.com by providing your tracking number, it's usually free.

P.S. First part of IES was served by FedEx, so if you want to schedule a IES pick up, it should be FedEx ground pick up.