IES, IES Duty-subsidy Multiple Sub-packages Billing Error Announcement

Dear Customers:

It comes to our attention that several parts of our IES and IES Duty-subsidy service have experienced incorrect billing during our recent system maintenance. During the billing of multiple sub-packages in the IES and IES Duty-subsidy service, the system does not calculate and charge the first weight cost for each individual sub-package. As such, the final shipping costs are lower than the actual shipping price. Currently, the LetsLabel technical team has tackled those issues.

User Experience has always been the core of LetsLabel product, therefore, we decide to take responsibility for the costs incurred. The affected shipment has been specially set up without the need for subsequent replenishment billing for the first weight. LetsLabel will continue to strive to provide customers with better logistics solutions and competitive shipping prices. Thank you again for your long-term trust and care.

LetsLabel Team

May.27, 2019